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There may be in excess of two thousand types of termites but they aren’t all in one small location. Glendale is known to have termites and it’s our job as a superior pest control company to know the difference and how to effectively treat them.

While certain people may assume that termites are simply that, pests, termites actually have a positive impact in the wild. This pest recycles wood and plants but when it comes to your structure, you don’t want to see them. Annually tens of thousands residential units have to be treated for termites.

Glendale Termite Inspection

While it’s best to leave a thorough inspection to the professionals, you can still be aware of what might indicate a termite problem on your property. For instance, if you’re seeing tunnels of mud or dirt going up the foundation or walls of your home then it’s likely termites. If you have other reasons to believe active termites are eating away at your structure just give us a call right away and schedule a termite inspection.


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