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First Pest Control of Glendale provides the best residential pest control in Glendale and the surrounding area. We’re proud to offer a variety of pest plans to suit your individual needs without buying services you don’t even need. That’s right, you can have a one-time treatment, however there are some pests that we cannot guarantee will be gone with just one treatment; cockroaches, rodents, etc. It all depends on your specific pest and level of infestation for us to determine the best course of action, including how many treatments may be necessary.

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You don’t see too many pests when temperatures cool down but once it begins to warm up, boom, there are pests and insects everywhere you look. You might not realize that some of these pests you are seeing emerge have been sheltered up in your property throughout the colder months. There are many pests we don’t often notice in our homes, for instance the very common house spider, that stay for awhile and move about when it’s warm again.

Glendale is no stranger to pests and here lately there has been somewhat of an increase of cockroach and bed bug invasions. Both of these pests can be difficult to eradicate and the more treatments that are required, the more you can plan on spending to have them eradicated. Luckily, you have our trained exterminators on your side. We will identify the kind of pest and then determine the best course of action based on your pest issues. If more than one pest is present, you might still have an option for one single treatment, depending on which pests they are.

Just call our professional exterminators at First Pest Control of Glendale as soon as possible at (818) 616-6455 to learn more about our superior Glendale residential pest control solutions and schedule an inspection for your home! We look forward to hearing from you and are able to answer any questions you might have regarding our treatments or a particular pest.

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